Дворцовая площадь


City: Санкт-Петербург
Place: Дворцовая площадь
Date: 23.06.2019

“Scarlet sail” means magic, it’s a true miracle, which everybody dreams about deep in heart.

At night June 23d-24th in the city on the Neva river, there will be the most beautiful fest for graduates in the world “Scarlet sail”. Celebrities and stars of show business and music will congratulate all yesterday students as usual.

This day the following stars will perform on one ground: Zara, Polina Gagarina, Sergey Lazarev, Vladimir Presnyakov, Burito, Julia Parshuta and many others!

The audience is going to see a lot of surprise. A new unique stage, which will be transformed right during the concert. Musical arrangement on a high level: bright and original compositions and new versions of old songs!




Date: 16.10.2019

After the triumph in the Kremlin Palace, Zara set off around Russian cities with her concert programme ”Soul” – that’s the name of her new programme which was made specially for her single concert in October 2017. The programme consists of the war songs, romances, ethnic compositions and pop hits. For this programme they created the unique decorations and visual effects.

The viewers of the show will have a real adventure – along the music, you will travel through time, discover new cultures and countries for yourselves. Zara will be performing with talented dancers and musicians. Each person can find a song for his or her soul. Every single, included in the programme, will become a short play, a private story- either lyrical or dramatic.
Today Zara is one of the most popular singers on Russian stage. And the duet parties with Andrea Bocelli and Mireille Mathieu made her a welcome guest in the whole world. The concert programme will include English, French, Italian, Spanish songs.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see this festival of music. The unique decorations, live sound, compound choreographic performances, bright celebrity images won’t let you down. Zara Music Band goes to your city!

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Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, Zara received the title of the UNESCO Artist for Peace. The ceremony took place at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris on December, 5.

Zara was awarded the title for her commitment to promoting education of the disabled children and adults and to the Organization’s ideals and goals. “I thank Madame Irina Bokova very much for such appreciation of my work. I sing in many languages and in many countries and I am sure: music can unite people, it makes all the barriers between generations and nationalities vanish. In the capacity of the UNESCO Artist for Peace I will do my best to draw world’s attention to UNESCO’s activities and I assure you that I will use the opportunities given to me in order to build peace in the minds of men and women” – said the singer in her speech.

Since 1995 the title of the UNESCO Artist for Peace has been given to cultural figures that use their influence, popularity and authority to draw the attention to cultural and social problems.


Organization of concerts:

Mr Alexander Kostomarov
+7 916 217 5659

For lyricists and composers:

Sound producer:

Mr Andrey Kochnev

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