КДЦ Сатурн


City: Раменское
Place: КДЦ Сатурн
Date: 20.11.2019

After the triumph in the Kremlin Palace, Zara set off around Russian cities with her concert programme ”Soul” – that’s the name of her new programme which was made specially for her single concert in October 2017. The programme consists of the war songs, romances, ethnic compositions and pop hits. For this programme they created the unique decorations and visual effects.

The viewers of the show will have a real adventure – along the music, you will travel through time, discover new cultures and countries for yourselves. Zara will be performing with talented dancers and musicians. Each person can find a song for his or her soul. Every single, included in the programme, will become a short play, a private story- either lyrical or dramatic.
Today Zara is one of the most popular singers on Russian stage. And the duet parties with Andrea Bocelli and Mireille Mathieu made her a welcome guest in the whole world. The concert programme will include English, French, Italian, Spanish songs.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see this festival of music. The unique decorations, live sound, compound choreographic performances, bright celebrity images won’t let you down. Zara Music Band goes to your city!

Tickets: 8(496)-463-20-76


Vegas City Hall


City: Москва
Place: Vegas City Hall
Date: 22.11.2019

Radio station “Vostok FM” invites all eastern music lovers for the most expected event – a grand concert “Eastern Stars”.

November, 22d the brightest eastern singers will perform on the Vegas City Hall ground and sing the best hits of the radio “Vostok FM”: Zara, Avraam Russo, Elvin Grey, Babek Mamedrzaev, Elbrus Djanmirzoev, Tural Everest, Alexandros Tsopozidis, Timur Temirov, Sogdiana, Christina, SOYANA and many others!

Warm atmosphere of the hospitable East, favourite artists and best songs, filled with sunny rhythms and soulful lyrics – all of these mean a wonderful fest of the “Vostok FM” radio.

It’s the unusual concert, that will give you unbelievable emotions!

Come with all your family! You will spend an evening, accompanied by your most favourite singers!

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