Zara has shared a short excerpt on her social media page of a new song “Dayê”, dedicated to the main person in everyone’s life – their mother. Her fans and subscribers were touched, and honored the singer with hundreds of comments and kind words, many hoping to hear the full version of the single as soon as possible.

As Zara herself admitted, this is not just a song for her, it is an opportunity to express her feelings, which can be varied – gratitude, love, remorse, and fear of letting down the nearest and most precious person. Zara is sure that such compositions are the opportunity for each of us to say what keeps our heart. Unfortunately, the older we get, the less we talk about how we really love our mothers. This song is especially important for the artist because it is written in Kurdish.

The composition “Dayê” is a kind of epic about the way and relationships between us and our mothers. It’s a 7-minute story, told by Zara, about the feelings and experiences of each of us.

Interestingly, the single “Daye” was produced by a large international team. The author of the music was the world-famous Israeli singer Yasmin Levy, lyrics were written by a popular Kurdish singer living in Turkey, Tara Mamedova, and Armenia’s finest sound producers, Karen Hambardzumyan and Sevak Melkonian, worked on the arrangement. Yasmin Levy, Tara Mamedova and Zara are close friends. Due to the friendship and the ability to feel one another, their creative union gave all listeners the truly touching single “Dayê”.

Today, “Daye” is available on all music platforms.

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