May, 27th there is a great premiere of the long-expected single by Zara “Since Monday”. After the song “Negordaya” got a success, Daria Kuznetsova composed the music and wrote the words again.

Each of us lives a certain way of life, with its black and white stripes. How often do we analyze, what the inner freedom is? Are you free from the limits, that hold us back in every day life, from those people, who can’t always make us better and happier?
Today this song is about human choice, who wants to be free. We are often short of confidence to turn the page, where you’ve never been before, to read the book, that you couldn’t start reading for ages, to learn languages, that you always put off or just to go away, if you are unhappy.

From the first sight the single “Since Monday” is devoted to the lady, being determined to split up with the man, who is suppressing her. The heroine is about to start a new chapter, gets new inspiration – life taste. But this story is universal. Be strong, brave and don’t be afraid to make even the craziest plans and ideas come true.

Freedom doesn’t mean today or tomorrow, freedom means the way you choose!

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