Love has its own laws – single

October, 2d the production studio of the poet Michael Gutseriev published a long-expected release – a new song by Zara “Love has its own laws” (words by Michael Gutseriev, music by Alexey Romanof).

The song premiere took place at the last day during the gala-concert of the “New wave 2018” contest September, 9th in Sochi. The audience applauded to the song. Now the song “Love has its own laws” can be heard at every concert of the Zara’s concert trip.

The singer considers the song as one of the best in her repertoire: “Love has its own laws” narrates about the most important and true feeling in life – about love. It’s a real happiness to see, what a feedback it takes from the listeners’ hearts. This story is about me and everyone, who once deeply and totally immersed in love, who yielded the call of heart despite circumstances.

Love has its own laws,
Spring change winter
This is lover’s time
I’m in love with you again.
Put your hands on my shoulders,
Our bodies dance together,
I wish us won’t be apart,
The world to be full of love.

Also, Zara called the listeners with the words from the song: “Love each other, only this way the world will be full of love! I’m thankful to the poet Michael Gutseriev and the composer Alexey Romanof for this wonderful song”.

Since October this track is available for downloading on digital platforms iTunes and Google Play.

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