December 5th the Russian singer Zara was awarded by UNESCO as the “Artist for peace”. The responsibility of the artist is to work with people having disabilities, as well as with immaterial heritage. During a personal meeting with Irina Bokova, the CEO of UNESCO, Zara proposed to arrange the International day of ethnic music in Moscow. It is very important that ethnic music has a particular meaning in the artist’s repertoire.

At the beginning of the year, Zara has begun to work on the organization of the festival, later called the “Music of our hearts.” In 2017, as it has already been said above, the festival will bring together theatrical artists from Georgia, Uzbekistan, Serbia, Israel and Russia, which music and culture take place in people`s hearts.

The festival is planned to become annual. Such artists as Nino Katamadze and the group Insight, Goran Bregovic, Sevara, Pelageya, Yasmin Levy, the Georgian group “Rustavi” and others will take part in the festival this year.

“Music of our hearts” will open its doors for participants and spectators of the festival in Kolomensky Park. The last but not the least is that the concert ground was not chosen by chance. On the territory of the reserve there is the Ascension Church, which is under the UNESCO protection.

The singer Zara hopes that this celebration of music will emphasize the importance of friendship and the need for peaceful cooperation in the world today! The destinies of different peoples underwent a great number of difficulties and troubles, so it is important to remember the history of their roots, which is preserved today in art and music.

The festival is held under the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Moscow Government. Zara, the Honored Artist of Russia, coordinates the event.


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