Zara is eager to work on charitable programs that help invalids for a long time. These initiatives are aimed to involve hearing and visually impaired children in artistic work, and pay attention to invalids’ problems.

Within this program according to the Day of invalids this year Zara performs a concert featuring invalid artists. выгодно продать алкоголь можно здесь онлайн оценка и выезд курьера. Максимально оперативно и конфиденциально. Beautiful songs about love and friendship in French, Serbian, English, Russian and sign language will be performed in Paris by Zara, Julia Samoilova, Valentin Tkachenko and the ensemble “Singing hands”.

Zara says that only being together, sharing our love and support, we can change the world.

Вступай в клуб поклонников!