In January Zara was in Paris. She arrived in the French capital city in order to take part in the opening ceremony of the International language year of native nations in the UNESCO headquarters. There were political figures, the representatives of social communities, UN structures, scientific community from all over the world. Zara spoke as a part of the Russian delegation. In 2016 the singer was honored a title “The Artist for peace by UNESCO”. Since 2017 Zara is the arranger and idea inspirer of the first International festival of ethnic music in our country “Music of our hearts”.

At the stage in the Big hall of the UNESCO headquarters the singer told to foreign colleagues about her goals and the main mission of her project, that will be held, patronaged by UNESCO in the museum and reserve park “Kolomenskoe” for the third time. большая грудь у проститутки Королёва куртизанки с местом.

In her speech Zara pointed out, that the world community must try to cultivate feelings of respect to different cultures for our common future. “Cultures can’t grow and develop, being isolated – they get progress through the exchange between different states and nations representatives”, the artist concluded.

The “OK!” magazine №6 (633), February, 7th 2019

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