ZARA, the winner in the nomination “The most stylish mother”

“This win is not mine, it is my sons’. Only due to them, I become better and more beautiful every day”

This thin woman can’t hear ever words, concerning her “you’re a mother!”: Zara’s dresses are always elegant, but not trivial. Her sons’ success can tell about their most stylish mother best of all – the nine year-old Daniel and seven year-old Maxim.

“The elder one plays hockey and studies English, and the younger one, in addition to English, learns French and Chinese – Maxim is good at languages. Recently, after his trip to Dubai, he told about his desire to learn Arabic as well. We’ll see, what results he is able to get, – the singer said proudly. Не пропустите! На сайте премьера коллекции видео – там девочки кончают струей под мелодичные стоны своих ебырей.

– Talking about Danya, he is incredibly punctual, – even now he’s sent me a message, that started with the words: “Mummy, sorry for disturbing you, but what time exactly are you going to arrive?”

You can’t see Zara very often at fashionable parties and even after the award “The most stylish in Russia” she didn’t stay there, talking to her friends and colleagues, in order to share her glory win with those people, who helped her to get it.

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