The singer Zara happened to be a participant at the grand show “Scarlet sail-2019”, taking place in Petersburg at night June, 23d-24th. She shared her pleasant emotions, just leaving the stage.

A grand, big concert “Scarlet sail” is a calling card of our city. It seems to me, that all graduates arrive at this concert form all over the country exactly to this place, this event”, Zara said.

The singer remembered her prom in details – those years a pop-group “Gosti iz buduschego” was on top, and the Ricky Martin’s song “Livin la Vida Loca” was played in charts.

I always dreamed to be a singer. And even at night, when my prom was on, I managed to start and sing at the concert, then to come back to the prom”, Zara shared her memories.

And at last the participant of “Scarlet sail-2019” left her message to the graduates.

I want to wish them to believe they are strong, to wish love. We extremely believe in them. It is important for people to be conscious they are beloved and believed – then they are able to move mountains”, Zara concluded.

The source: the Fifth channel.


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