June, 12th in the Day of Russia, on Red Square ZARA presented her new song “Peace to your home”.

“Peace to your home” – this is the name of my new song, and I want to congratulate everyone with the Day of Russia! Together with Alexey Romanov and Alexander Kovalev we composed a song, in which I tell about the most important thing for each person – about love in simple words. Love is a whole universe, which is created by love hearts! Let this song delight people and rise their spirit. Чтобы играть на настоящие деньги, стоит выбрать действительно стоящее казино. Например, такое, как . Согласно отзывам клиентов, шансы на победу здесь большие, и заработанные деньги оператор гарантировано выплачивает. А вывести призовые на карту можно очень легко и быстро. Remember: each of us can change the world for the better! Listen, download, repost, make up cover versions and video, create flash mobs and smile to every new person and day in your life! “Peace to your home” is already being rotated on radio stations and very soon you can download it from all musical platforms”. (c) Zara

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