Everybody was looking forward for Zara’s concert at Slavyansky bazaar 2018 in Vitebsk. Not only it’s for the first time, the other reason is the artist is always sincere and honest to her audience.

To tell the truth, Zara’s concert was very rich and emotional. The singer’ songs were naturally romantic and tender, they touched the most lyrical strings in viewers’ hearts. Stas Piecha, who was Zara’s guest, added sensual and brutal tunes to the concert. Oleg Gazmanov added spark and good mood. Gérard Depardieu, who sang a touching romance with the “main heroine” of the occasion, brought light sadness of unfulfilled dreams.

Well, the most remarkable guests of the event were the “Singing hands” band ( where deaf children perform) and Daniel Pluzhnikov ( the winner of the “Voice. Kids” show). The performance of these artists made people applaud standing in the amphitheater…

Вступай в клуб поклонников!