Her melodic voice leaves its trace in a soul for al long time and penetrates in hearts with her particular style of singing different songs. Bright and gentle image, wide repertoire, open and intellectual conversation mean a calling card of Zara, the honored artist of the Russian Federation.

On one hand, people believe you are a gentle and obedient eastern lady, on the other hand, they believe the opposite, you are a femme fatal or a business lady, so what do you think about yourself?

Each of us has different features of character, personal limits. Some people perceive me one way, the other ones – in a different way. But we are all different, we change ourselves, grow inside. I wouldn’t like to perceive myself as a femme fatal or an eastern girl. First of all, I’m a mother, after all I’m an artist and business lady.

Do you think you need to be different and wonder your fans, or, on controversial, only being recognizable makes people love you?

As I think, talking about music, you always have to try something new, experimentalize with sound and styles, but leaving something authentic in it. You can hear different kinds of music in my concert program: ethnic, pop, romances, military songs. These are so attractive to the audience. Especially today, when there are so many names, the existence of the Internet. Certainly, it’s necessary to take a risk and reveal something new in oneself.

You perform more than twenty years already, did your attitude towards the audience and being famous change a lot?

The attitude is changing. When I was performing on a big stage for the first time, I could hardly look into the hall. I was keen on singing, but I was shy a little, being in plain view. Now I know how to socialize with the audience, how to shift their attention from one song to the other. It means experience, but I like the relationships I have with my listeners today.

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