The audience saw their collaborated works. The artist performed at solo concerts by the Russian singer. But this New Year night they made up something special.

Zara told that the shooting process of their common video was held at deep night time in one of the Moscow restaurants. They had just a few days to rehearse, and they chose a famous composition, loved by different generations “PAROLE, PAROLE”, one of the most romantic songs in the world.

As Zara confessed, each new working experience with the artist of such level is invaluable for her.

“It’s a kind of a wonderful song and I think, it’s devoted to ladies, – Gerald Depardieu shared. – It narrates about men’s words. It is like in one play: a man has already forgotten about his relationship with the woman, and he meets her after many years passed, remembers their love story, wants to talk to her. But these are only words. I love Zara so much. She is more than just an artist – she is lively, pure. I can’t consider myself as an actor, i just live, as I’m, this point is clear to us, and we correspond to each other”.

Gerard Depardieu congratulated the Russian with upcoming holidays, having noticed, that it means a particular time for all citizens of the country. Despite the absence of snow, Moscow city is still bright and festive.

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