A new video “Dayê” is a metaphor, a story, which reflects deep and important thoughts. There is nothing stronger than the link between a mother and a child. Sometimes, in order to understand it, you should go the long way…

Children drift apart from parents, choose their way, fall, rise. But the fate tells that all troubles of destiny, according to life experience, lead back to parental home, to MOTHER, always loving, feeling and understanding.

The video plot is far beyond a certain country and geographical position. A viewer can see a marvelous landscape, due to which memories turn up, as if they are flashbacks from the past. Our childhood with warm mother’s hands and the way, that is already passed, to feel it again.

Images in the video mean the LIFE TREE, which keeps all recollections of human power and spirit, which each one has behind one’s back. These red lines of fate, that are tangled, sometimes being lost, but always firm connected to home.

Zara is presented in a few images in the video. The first one is freedom spirit. She follows her own way, searching for herself. The second one in a mask means strength, female energy, sexuality. The third one is ethnical. A bright, beautiful dress, it shows her nature, nationality and culture.

Interestingly, the single “Daye” was produced by a large international team. The author of the music was the world-famous Israeli singer Yasmin Levy, lyrics were written by a popular Kurdish singer living in Turkey, Tara Mamedova, and Armenia’s finest sound producers, Karen Hambardzumyan and Sevak Melkonian, worked on the arrangement. Yasmin Levy, Tara Mamedova and Zara are close friends. Due to the friendship and the ability to feel one another, their creative union gave all listeners the truly touching single “Dayê”.

Today, “Daye” is available on all music platforms.

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