On the Easter Eve Zara shared her interesting stories which few people know about.

– At the age of twenty I was christened in the church of Dmitry Solunsky in Kolomyagi. It is a beautiful and old wooden church, one of those, which were opened even in the days of blockade and blessed after the name of the great martyr Dmitry Solunsky. Since then, I keep very warm and spiritual relationships with the father Ippolit. Not once he gave me a good advice.
When I was living in my native Saint Petersburg, my special place for spiritual power was a church of Keshia Blazhennaya. I believe that due to praying in this church I got happiness as a mother ( May, 7th 2010 Zara bore a son Daniel and April, 9th 2012 she bore a son Maxim). For several hours I stood in a line, for three times I went around the church, then wrote a note with the most important and secret words.

In Moscow I regularly visit the hallows of Matrona in Pokrovsky nannery. People from different regions of our country come to her and she helps them, nobody is lost. Everyone gets what he believes in, so I congratulate all orthodoxies with the Holy Christ Sunday!

We get ready for Easter with all my family. We always buy different sets for kids and decorate Easter eggs together and then hallow them in church. I try to tell the boys about church traditions, customs, of course, we read Bible for kids. Faith is very important for a person.

The source:“Antenna-Telesem” magazine.

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