The singer shared her secrets of kids’ upbringing and wish fulfillment.

Zara sings since she was twelve! From that moment she always perform. When she was 22, the singer got the final of “Fabrika zvezd”. Now Zara is 34 and her children are more important than work. Who helps a working mother to bring up a seven-year old Daniel and five-year old Maxim the singer told in her interview to the “TV Program” magazine.

“Kids are brought up by the whole family”

– Zara, your elder son Daniel has started school. Does he have a spare time for games?

– Yes, this year there’s a big event in our family, Daniel entered the first grade. He is very busy, cause he finishes classes at 4-5 in the evening , and then she studies foreign languages with tutors, goes to additional sections – hockey, swimming, wrestling. Of course, he is tired. At the same time I see what flexible brain opportunities they have at this age and how fast Danya can catch the information, when he will grow up, it will be hard to do, so they shouldn’t waste time. I see how energetic he is, of course, he needs to express it somehow. He misses classes only if he is ill.

– Is he a leader in the group?

– I can’t say for sure, is there a leader in the group. Thanks God, the teacher pays a special attention to such things, she tries not to single anyone. Now I admit that my son goes to school with pleasure. He likes his classmates, they are friends.

– You told that you kept aside from your classmates. Why?

– Music was my main passion, I attended musical school, performed in local cultural houses. And, of course, the classmates reacted in a different way. I tried not to show emotions, not to take offense. I managed to do it.

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